Start date: 18 October 2024
End date: 20 October 2024
All-day event



Join us for 3 days of fabulous workshops as renowned international Pilates instructors and presenters Jean-Claude Nelson (Blue Bird Pilates) Simona Cipriani  (The Art And Scene of Contrology) and Katie Agnew (Authentic Pilates And Physiotherapy) Join Olga Tamara (Authentic Pilates Education International)  in Australia for the APEI Conference October 2024.
Be prepared to learn some wonderful archival work, workshops on pathologies and Pilates for beginners etc. “Our purpose is to work together where we embark on a journey of self-knowledge and then pass it on to all those who seek our services”.

Jean Claude Nelson: 

Jean-Claude Nelson was born in Munich. At the age of 8, he started studying classical and modern ballet at the Munich Academy of Music. After 10 years, he graduated with a diploma and was immediately engaged by the Bavarian State Ballet. Soon he moved abroad and danced as a soloist with the London City Ballet, the Ballet of Monte Carlo and the Ballet of the Opera of Lyon.
After intense international tours through Europe, Asia, North and South America, Jean-Claude suffered a serious knee injury that forced him to interrupt his career. In this difficult period of life, he learned the Pilates method.
He was so enthusiastic about the positive results of the training that he decided to put all his energy into a two-year study of the authentic Pilates method. He began his training in The Hague with Marjorie Oron and worked with Romana Krysanowska ,Sari Meija Santo, Sabina Formichella, Philippe Taupin, Jane Poerwoatmodjo and Henry Rushing among others. He received his diploma in 2006 from the internationally renowned master teacher Romana Krysanowska (True Pilates New York, Romanaʻs Pilates).
Jean-Claude returned to France in order to work as a freelance artist and independent Pilates instructor. He also taught Pilates in Monaco, Lyon, The Hague, Amsterdam, London, New York and Paris. In order to deepen his educational expertise, he trained further as a state-certified dance teacher in France in 2010.

In 2012, he decided to return to his home city of Munich to found the Bluebird Pilates studio.
On request, Jean-Claude teaches in English, German and French language.

Simona Cipriani:

Simona Cipriani directs Authentic Pilates Studio, The Art of Control®. She is a Teacher/Trainer and a Certified Instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method for more than 18 years. Ms. Cipriani studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska at Drago’s Gym in New York City, where she taught by Romana’s side for many years.
Simona studied at Juliard and holds a B.F.A. in Dance from SUNY at Purchase, and has been a faculty member of SUNY Purchase since 2006. She is a licensed massage therapist in Connecticut and New York State.
Ms. Cipriani was a member of the massage therapy team at the Olympics in the Athens Summer Games in 2004, and the Torino Winter Games in 2006. She was also the massage therapist for director Darren Aronofsky during the production of “Black Swan.”

Ms. Cipriani has been a Feldenkrais practitioner since 2009 as well as a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City in July 2009 as a Health Counselor. Simona travels throughout the USA, Europe and Australia to teach seminars and host workshops.

Katie Agnew:

Katie has owned and operated Authentic Pilates & Physiotherapy since 2002. Representing NZ in Rhythmic Gymnastics from 1986 – 1991, Katie competed in multiple international competitions, including the 1990 Commonwealth Games and 1987 – 1991 World Championships. In her 11 years of gymnastics she held multiple national titles. This gave her a keen interest in movement and the body so it seemed very natural to study physiotherapy. Qualifying in 1994, her special interest is the spine and she works closely with leading NZ specialists.
Katie was lucky enough to study Pilates under Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilate’s protégé. She was certified through Pilates Inc. in 2001, after over 600 hours in a very comprehensive programme. In her 7 years in Florida, she was physio at Cirque Du Soleil, at a leading sports clinic and taught Pilates to a wide range of people from professional athletes to the injured. In 2002 Katie returned home to bring classical Pilates to NZ, opened her Authentic Pilates studio within Mairangi Bay Physiotherapy and combined her two loves of Pilates & physiotherapy.In 2017 she opened her studio in Rothesay Bay.
In 2016 Katie opened the NZ National Training Centre for Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI), an internationally recognised & respected teacher training centre. She is New Zealand’s principal teacher of teachers, training the APEI apprentices.

She now combines her medical, sporting and Authentic Pilates background to educate, prevent injury and integrate total body wellbeing. Katie now also lectures both locally and internationally to share her knowledge and passion.

Olga Tamara:

Olga began her career as a professional classical dancer with the Australian Ballet Company in 1971and first experienced the wonders of Pilates during those first precious years. She toured with the company for seven years then enjoyed a successful career performing on stage and television as an actress from 1979 until 1984. Her interest in movement didn’t waver during that time so in 1985 she became a certified fitness instructor.
Olga’s opened her first business “Designing Moves” in 1986. She taught body conditioning classes, movement classes to aspiring young actors and worked freelance as dance coach at McDonald School of Performing Arts as well as managing the corporate gymnasium at “Carlton United”.
Over the years Olga trained in a number of Pilates studios however it wasn’t until she experienced the essence of the Authentic Pilates Method that she was truly inspired. Impressed by the authenticity, quality and integrity of the NY Pilates method, Olga became a certified instructor of “The NY Pilates Method” and “Romana’s Pilates”.

Olga is founder and manager of the Authentic Pilates Studio in and is Principal Trainer of Authentic Pilates Education International Teacher Training Program. Olga has as presented a number of workshops and training seminars nationally, NZ and London.


COST: Full 3 day conference $950 – PAA Approved 15 PDP’s

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