Start date: 13 October 2023
End date: 15 October 2023
All-day event



Join us for 3 days of fabulous workshops as renowned Pilates instructor and presenter Miguel Silva and Eric Carlovich join us in Australia in October 2023.Be prepared to learn some wonderful archival work, workshops on pathologies and Pilates for beginners etc. “Our purpose is to work together where we embark on a journey of self-knowledge and then pass it on to all those who seek our services”.

Miguel Siva:
Born in the city of Porto, Portugal, Miguel da Silva practiced many sports including handball, basketball, football, field hockey, cycling, swimming, surfing. All this interest in varied physical activity, led him to the conclusion that – “everyone has a different body and different needs”.
Miguel began his studies in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Shiatsu, Japanese massage technique, then later settled in Seville, Spain, perfecting the technique. This is where he first experienced the Pilates Method. With his curiosity of the Pilates Method and its depth, this then led to several courses and workshops. He then met the Master Pilates Teacher, Fabien Menegon (Romana Kryzanowska’s lineage), of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates, and successfully completed his training then went onto becoming a part of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates training program. Miguel is very passionate about Pilates, a respected member of the industry, owner of The Uno Pilates Studio – The Lab – teaching director and master trainer. Teacher at Pilatesology, following the dream to share the work of “Joe” Pilates!

Miguel was one of 12 selected globally to enter the highly regarded certification program “The work” at the vintage studio Pilates under the mentorship of Jay Grimes himself. Co-founder of Uno Pilates Method –

Eric Carlovich:
Eric began my Pilates certification in São Paulo. His teachers were Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia, Inélia Garcia. In his 20’s, Eric experienced a hard period in his personal life, during which “I felt lost”. He discovered a lot about himself practicing Pilates. “It has helped me to find my center and allowed me to grow and develop in ways in which I have never imagine. I have choose Pilates as a profession, because I experienced myself how it has a transformative power. From them on I felt I was called to give this tool to others for growth and well being. Pilates has become more than a profession; it is my lifestyle”.
Eric sees and approaches Pilates in a holistic way. “To me the mechanics of the body can not be separated from mental and emotional states. To me Pilates brings body awareness, as is well known, but it also brings an awareness of ones mental and emotional state. The educator needs to have the responsibility to understand this process in the student and in himself. This can be done on subtle levels and without words, but the instructor has to understand this process. Therefore, I teach workshops to develop this sensibility. Also, when working with individuals the instructors are required to identify and differ the needs of each body and be able to adapt to the correct mechanics of the movement.”

Workshops topics include: Teaching First Time Clients, The Mat Never Gets Old, Symbiosis of push and pull, 3 D spine and more!

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