Date: 5 May 2019

Time: 9 am - 1pm

Location: Authentic Pilates & Physiotherapy Auckland NZ


In this 4hr workshop you will:

  • Learn the importance of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Learn what it means to administer the firm but gentle, intentional, instructional touch.
  • Sharpen your skills of intuition and perception with regards to interacting with your clients.
  • Look at boundaries; when to touch, how to touch, what touch means, appropriate vs. inappropriate touch.
  • Get a better understanding of what part of the body you are touching and the effect internally.
  • Learn how to position your body in relation to the apparatus you are working on and actually learn to use your body as a leveraging tool to preserve and even strengthen your body as you administer care and attention to your clients

Pilates instructors often feel a fear of touching or are taught not to.
It’s important to spend a fair amount of time going over appropriate cues, and to practice on a daily basis to get comfortable with touch.
When done correctly it can put your client at ease, help them engage the correct muscles and make the exercise much more effective.


Olga Tamara is founder and Principal Trainer of Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI) teacher training program and the director of Authentic Pilates Studio.
She served on the board of the Pilates Alliance Australasia for 5 years as Vice President from 2010 to 2015.

Olga first experienced Pilates during her years as a professional classical dancer with the Australian Ballet Company from 1971 to 1976.
After retiring from the Ballet Company, Olga went on to be a certified personal trainer / fitness instructor in 1980. In 1986 she opened “Designing Moves” teaching body-conditioning classes and managed the corporate gymnasium at “Carlton United”. She also taught movement classes to aspiring young actors as well as freelancing as dance coach at McDonald School of Performing Arts.

Olga trained in a number of Pilates studios over the years however it was when she experienced “classical / authentic Pilates” that she found the true essence of the method as developed by Joseph Pilates. Impressed by the authenticity, quality and integrity of the Pilates Method of Body conditioning (“Contrology” as Joe called it) , Olga was motivated to undertake a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher training course and became a certified instructor of “The NY Pilates Method” and “Romana’s Pilates” . Olga manages her own studio in Lilyfield NSW Australia as well as facilitating teacher training seminars in APEI Teacher Training Courses in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

BACKGROUND: Olga spent her early years traveling the world as a classical dancer with The Australian Ballet Company. She danced on stage with greats such as Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev and danced in the Australian Ballet’s film production of “Don Quixote”. She resigned from the Australian Ballet Company in 1976 to pursue an acting career performing on stage, film and many television series including Cop Shop, Holiday Island and Chopper Squad to name a few. Olga’s first acting role in the ABC series “Glenview High” won her the ABC TV “Penguin Award” for the Best New Talent 1978.

Olga was invited to join the Australian Ballet Company as guest artist in the 2006 Sydney season of Giselle. Her performance as “Bertha” marked Olga’s first appearance with the company in 30 years.
Olga continues to perform as a guest artist with the Australian Ballet Company as guest artist during the Sydney seasons.

BOOKINGS: Please contact Katie Agnew at
Phone: 021552843
Cost: $300