This Code of practice serves as a guidance policy for ethical working compliance for all students of the Authentic Pilates Education Teacher training program and requires strict adherence by all students and apprentices.

By registering as a student or apprentice of the Authentic Pilates Education Teacher training program, you understand and agree to apply the Code of Practice as your guideline for ethical practice in compliance with the following Code;

1) To work within the scope of your training

2) To work with apparently healthy and low risk clientele under the guidance of a certified instructor.

3) A Pilates student /apprentice does not diagnose or offer advice outside their scope and modality of practice.4) A Pilates student / apprentice must not continue to train a client who has a condition or injury beyond their scope of practice (training) or who displays any unusual symptoms, unless the student /apprentice is under the direct instruction/supervision of the client’s allied health practitioner.

5) To adhere to client instruction ratios of: 

A: 1:1 for Basic level of education under supervision only. (1: 4 mat course students)

B: 1:1 to a maximum of 2:1 ratio in  studio setting at an Intermediate level of education. (1: 8 mat course students)

C: 1:1 to a maximum of 4:1 ratio in a studio setting at advanced level of education only under supervision only. (1: 15 mat course students)

6) To maintain membership with the regulatory body of Pilates in your country and abide by it’s regulations.

7) To behave in a professional, courteous and appropriate manner at all times.

8) To maintain the highest levels of safety in practice and instruction of the Pilates Method.

9) To know and abide by relevant legislation including (but not limited to) 

A: Privacy Act

B: Anti-discrimination Act 

C: Trade Practices Act 

D: Occupational Health & Safety Act

10) To uphold standards and promote a respectful working environment.

11) To maintain consistent self-practice of and adherence to the Pilates Method

12) To promote exercise to improve overall health.

13) To work with integrity, respect, fairness, responsibility and professionalism at all times.