Authentic Pilates Education and your studies

This Student Enrolment Guide is for students who are about to commence studies with the Authentic Pilates Education International (APEI).

The following terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and the APEI for the provision of your course.  This is a legally binding agreement.  You will be deemed to have read and accepted this agreement by filling in and registering your enrolment form.

The Student Enrolment Guide constitutes the entire agreement between APEI and the enrolled student.  All parties to the enrolment agreement agree that these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of NSW Australia (Where APEI is business registered) and submit to the jurisdiction of legal bodies within the State of NSW Australia.

By signing up for the APEI Teacher Training Course, you:
a. acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions as contained in this Student Enrolment Guide and agree to comply with all APEI policies and procedures including compliance with all entry requirements, terms and conditions of enrolment and the Student Code of Conduct.

b. confirm that all information provided at the time of enrolment was accurate and complete, including all personal details, contact details and anything that may impact on your ability to complete the course such as any physical restrictions, a disabilities, injuries, medical conditions and individual learning support needs.

c. agree to pay all fees associated with your course in accordance with the agreed payment terms and methods, even in the event of a change of personal circumstances.

d.acknowledge that no warranties, except those by provided by law, are given by APEI in respect to your enrolment.

e. recognise that any activity that you undertake whilst participating in this training program may result in significant physical exertion and participation in these activities may pose a risk to your health.  You agree that if you believe there is a risk to your health by participating in any activities within this training program, you are obliged to inform APEI immediately and refrain from participating in the activity/s.  You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to disclose all medical information that may affect your participation in any activities within this training program.

f. agree to provide a written medical clearance by a qualified medical practitioner (at your own cost) if requested by APEI.

g. agree it is your responsibility to provide correct and up to date contact information and inform APEI in writing within seven (7) days of any corrections or changes to your personal details including name, residential or postal address, email address, phone numbers.

h. acknowledge it is your responsibility to submit assessment in accordance with APEI’s assessment submission requirements and that you will retain a copy of all assessments submitted during your enrolment and all correspondence from APEI notifying the student of assessment results. You acknowledge that the APEI is not obliged to keep a copy of any of your assessments and you understand that the APEI undergoes a regular data deletion process to remove assessments and completed student works from APEI records.
You acknowledge that the only records that APEI will retain are your:

  • name
  • residential post code
  • date of birth
  • enrolment and commencement dates
  • code and title of qualification, course or program student enrolled in
  • date the Certificate or Statement of Attainment was issued

i. acknowledge that certificates and/or statements of attainment will not be issued until payment of full course fees and all exams have been passed.

j. acknowledge that strict time frames for completion of your course apply and all components of the course must be completed before your enrolment expires. Once your enrolment has been processed, you are unable to request that your course be put on hold.  Extensions will only be offered at the discretion of APEI.

k. agree that APEI may make changes to your course (including changes to learning and assessment documents, trainers and course materials) due to continuous improvement activities without advance notice and without penalty; APEI may make changes to the website and this Student Enrolment Guide as required from time to time without notice and without penalty; APEI may also make changes to other fees and charges as required from time to time without notice and without penalty. (If you are already a student with APEI, any fee changes will not apply).

l. acknowledge that if you do not make an agreed payment when due, then APEI has no further obligation to provide you with further training and/or assessment including the marking of assessment and issuing of certificates past the date of the last payment received until course payments are up to date. If arrears to course fees are not paid within 7 days of request, APEI may withdraw/suspend and/or terminate your enrolment.

m. acknowledge that any written materials, training materials, textbooks, instructional activities and/or equipment is protected by Intellectual Property legislation and must not be copied, shared or re-sold for the use of others.

n. acknowledge that this course requires you to have the ability to participate in exercise and physical activities.  You also acknowledge that this course also requires you to possess a basic level of skills in English language, reading, writing, learning, oral communication and numeracy.

o. Travel to and from APEI hosting sites will be at the learners’ own expense.  Classes and private sessions will be available at a student discounted rate.

p. acknowledge that you will be required to arrange at your own expense, all entry requirements of the course including access to an approved classical Pilates studio, as outlined in the APEI welcome package. Whilst APEI will assist learners as much as possible, access to a suitable classical Pilates studio/s, it cannot be guaranteed in your location and travel at your own expense may be required.

q. acknowledge that you will be required to provide APEI with a current First Aid and CPR certificate (unit of competency code HLTAID003 Provide first aid or approved equivalent – Australia only) either upon enrolment or prior to your course expiry date.  This is to be undertaken at the learners’ own expense.

r. acknowledge that prior to participating in any work experience or work placement, you must obtain and provide APEI evidence of your student insurance policy and that you indemnify and hold APEI harmless from and against all damages, costs, charges, expenses, actions, claims, demands which may be sustained or suffered by any person (including yourself) for any loss of life, or injury, or damage caused due to the actions undertaken by you during any work experience or work placement.

s. acknowledge that APEI regularly undertakes continuous improvement activities which may change the structure and/or delivery of courses at any time without notice and without penalty (that is without a reduction in course fees and/or a refund of course fees or any other penalty).

Subject to the payment of course fees as per the agreed payment terms and the completion of your course within the outlined time frame, APEI agrees to:

A; provide you with access to training and assessment activities via three seminars held annually. Basic – Intermediate – Advanced. And provide APEI hard copy printed training Manuals to support the seminars.

B; For Australian students only: Basic seminars may be held in either Sydney, Melbourne, South Australia and Queensland. Should there be 6 or more students in any one state, the Intermediate and advanced seminars may be held in that state at the designated host studio. If there are 4 or less, all Intermediate and Advanced seminars will be held in Sydney at Authentic Pilates Studio so it is up to the student to cover costs and make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

C; provide you with training and assessment in accordance with the training package     qualification you are enrolled in. On successful completion of all components of the course and the full payment of course fees, APEI will issue you appropriate certification for your course, usually within 21 days of APEI deeming you eligible for certification.

D; APEI may make changes to your course (including changes to learning and assessment documents and course materials) due to ongoing internal continuous improvement activities.  The Students are expected to complete all requirements of their enrolled course prior to their enrolment expiry.

E; if you have entered into a payment plan to pay the costs of the course, and then default on the payment plan at any stage, your enrolment will result in any or all of the following until the full payment of course fees:

  • suspension/withdrawn from attending or participating in your course
  • exclusion from learning and/or assessment activities
  • withholding of Statement of Attainments and Certificates
  • termination of enrolment in your course

There will be no further obligation on APEI to provide you with further training and/or assessment including the marking of assessment past the date of the payment default.

F; If you do not apply for an extension in writing prior to the expiry of your course, there will be no further obligation on APEI to provide you with further training and/or assessment including the marking of assessment past the date of the expiry of your course.  However, APEI will issue you with any statement of attainment that you are eligible for as at the date of your expiry of your course, upon request and payment of a certificate issuance fee.

G; Where APEI collects fees from the individual learner, either directly or through a third party, then APEI provides or directs the learner to information prior to enrolment or prior to the commencement of training and assessment, specifying:

All relevant fees including fees that must be paid to APEI representative in each country, payment terms and conditions including deposits and refunds,
Deposit is due at time of registration by Direct Debit.
NOTE your registration is NOT confirmed until Deposit is received.

On registering for a course with APEI you confirm that you have read and understood the commitment of time required to complete the course. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure the course hours fit into their schedule and life commitments.

Course fees DO NOT include: Required reading materials for reading and writing assignments; testing, coaching hours for logbook completion with a mentor, personal extras (sundries, travel and accommodation), DVD’s, coaching or mentoring and any assessment re-sit fee.

Course fees include: Basic, Intermediate and advanced Seminars, morning and afternoon refreshments during seminars course training manuals, written exams, Mentoring and support.
A location to do your observation, self-mastery practice and apprentice teaching.

REGISTRATION: registration is limited to between 4 – 10 participants depending on location and studio size. Registration received for a course that has reached full capacity will not be processed and you will be contacted. Courses will only go ahead with a minimum of 4 participants.

Use of facilities: You understand that you will attend the APEI course, use the facilities and equipment at your own risk. At registration you confirm that all medical conditions and injuries, both past and present have been disclosed and where required have obtained clearance from your general practitioner.

Course times: Most seminars commence at 8.00am and finish at 4.00pm, with a one-hour lunch break (lunch not included in fees). Times may vary depending on material being covered and studio availability.

Where there are any changes to agreed services, APEI endeavours to advise the learner as soon as practicable, including change of teacher trainer, mentor and in relation to any new third-party arrangements or a change in ownership or changes to existing third party arrangements.

Students enrolled in a current course: The appropriate communication channel with the APEI is via business emails only. Enrolled students have access to Authentic Pilates Education Forum FB group page for the duration of their course and thereafter once the course has been successfully completed.  APEI will endeavour to respond to students emails within 48 hours however responses may occur outside of this time frame, particularly for complex matters, marking of assessments, issuing of certification, and non-business periods such as weekends, public holidays, school holidays and Easter/Christmas/New Year breaks.

The learner agrees that they are responsible for the following to successfully complete their chosen training product:

  • A current First Aid and CPR certificate (unit of competency code HLTAID003 Provide first aid or approved equivalent) for Australian students. (It is highly recommended that all student and teachers undertake a CPR course).
  • For the duration of enrolment, access to a classical Pilates studio, workplace or simulated environment
  • For duration of enrolment, access to up to 3 separate low risk volunteers that can role play as clients during training and assessment activities

During your course, you may be asked to regularly undergo pre-exercise screening. The results will be used to reduce your risk of personal injury sustained through engaging in any activities within this education program.  You may be requested to provide a written medical clearance by a qualified medical practitioner (at your own cost) prior to participating in any activities within this education program.

APEI has arrangements in place to protect student fees paid in advance and has a fair and reasonable refund/cancellation policy which applies to all courses provided by the Academy.

When a refund/cancellation will be granted Courses cancelled in writing with 7 days or more notice prior to the start date of your course is eligible for a refund minus the ADMIN FEE.

AUSTRALIA admin fee: AU300
NEW ZEALAND admin fee: NZ$300

Course cancelled after commencement of APEI courses is not accepted and no REFUND will be issued.

Cancellations due to special circumstances if you have registered for and / or started your course and need to cancel due to special circumstances, APEI will consider each application. Note proof of circumstances must be provided. These would include: debilitating injury / illness. It does not include personal reasons such as: weddings, work travel, holidays, personal relocation, change of mind or similar.

In the instance of a student requesting a refund within 30 hours prior commencement of the course, a full refund less an administration fee, will be granted subject to the request for a refund is made in writing to the student support email address and supported with proof of payment.  In the case of students entering into agreed payment plans where the full course fees have not been paid prior to the request for cancellation/refund, the student will be required to pay the administration fee in full prior to the refund/cancellation request being granted.

A request for a refund made in any other way than in writing to the student support email address (such as text or voice message left after business hours) will not be considered, as this falls outside of APEI’s refund policy.

Transfer request:  Courses cannot be transferred to another year / intake. All courses must be completed within the stated timeline unless otherwise arranges with the Principal of APEI. If you are unable to attend a Seminar that is scheduled, it can be made up privately for an additional fee per hour. Note that all seminars must be completed in order.

When a refund won’t be granted;

  1. When a student requests to cancel their course after 30 days of enrolment.
  2. When a student requests to cancel their course because they have changed their mind about continuing with the course/s or progressing to the next stage of the enrolled course.
  3. When a student requests to cancel their course because their work circumstances have changed including a change of jobs, location or a change of work hours.
  4. When a student has a change of personal circumstances.

Where a student has entered into a payment plan for payment of course fees and cancels from the course after 30 days of enrolment, the student will be liable for all payments due under the agreed payment plan.

APEI reserves the right to send your details to an external debt collection agency for commencement of legal action to cover any arrears and/or default on a payment plan.

Time frames for completion of your enrolled course
There are strict time frames for the completion of your course as follows:
For full comprehensive training course needs to be completed within 18months from commencement of the course.

Bridging Course training course needs to be completed within 12 months from commencement of the course.

Students must ensure that they progress through their enrolled course within the above time frames. Students are encouraged to contact their trainer to assist them with a study plan and set goals for tests, to progress through their enrolled course within the above time frames.

Dependent on the availability of extensions for any particular course, students may apply for an extension subject to payment of an extension fee PRIOR to the expiry of the time frame for completion.  All extension requests are approved at the absolute discretion of APEI and are subject to a fee, regardless of the reason for the extension request, including for reason of medical issues.

Students who exceed the time frames for completion of their course will be cancelled without further notice and, upon request, a Statement of Attainment issued for any tests that have been marked competent. Students who have had their enrolment cancelled due to exceeding time frames for completion may apply to re-enrol at the discretion of APEI however re-enrolment will incur a fee of 50% of the course fees.

It is the student’s responsibility to keep a copy of all completed assessment and notification of assessment results for their own records.  APEI does not keep copies of student assessment or assessment results and regularly undergoes a data deletion process in accordance with the Student Records Retention Policy.

Marking of Assessments Please allow up to 14 days for submitted assessment to be marked.  An APEI Trainer will be in contact to advise you the results of your assessment and give you the opportunity to resubmit your assessment if required.

Issuing Certifications/Statements of Attainments APEI certificate and statements of attainment, are issued electronically.  A hard copy of your certificate can be issued in hard copy if required – please note that additional costs apply for the issuing of each certificate in hard copy.  Please allow up to 10 business days for certificate/s to be verified and issued from the date that you are notified you are eligible for a certificate.

You have 7 days from the time of enrolment to apply for a cancellation.  Approved cancellations will incur a fee: AUSTRALIA admin fee: AU300 NEW ZEALAND admin fee: NZ$300, to cover costs and must be paid within 24 hours of notifying APEI of the cancellation request. A phone call or text request for cancellation or withdrawal will not be granted.

Where a student has entered into a payment plan for payment of course fees and withdraws/cancels from the course after 24 hours from the date of the official enrolment form, the student will be liable for all payments due under the agreed payment plan.

There is no option to exit/withdraw/cancel after the completion of only the basic or intermediate test and the student will be liable for the entire course fee for the full APEI course.

Transfer of enrolments. Enrolments are not transferable in any instance.

Other fees and charges APEI charges additional fees for the following services:

Private Sessions, Group Sessions, replacement manuals, extra training workshops
Test fees: Basic, Intermediate and advanced.

By accepting enrolment with APEI you agree to comply with the Student Code of Conduct. Students who breach the APEI Conduct will be considered to have engaged in misconduct and the APEI’s misconduct policies will apply.

How to lodge a complaint:  A lodgement of complaint should include the following information to enable APEI to identify the complainant and retrieve any relevant student records to determine the complaint:

  1. Full name and date of birth
  2. Date of enrolment (as outlined in the official enrolment letter)
  3. A copy of the official enrolment form
  4. Summary of complaint plus any supporting evidence
  5. Suggested resolution to the complaint

Steps in the Complaints/Appeal Process

  1. The submitted Complaint and supporting documentation will be assessed by APEI and a written reply and decision, together with information on the Appeals and/or Independent Review process (if applicable), sent back to the complainant within sixty calendar days.
  2. If the complainant is not satisfied with the complaint decision made by APEI, an appeal can be made directly to independent review rather than a further internal appeal process (for example if it is a complaint about the conduct of the APEI and the complainant feels that an independent review may resolve the matter in a more fair, efficient and effective way.
  3.  The submitted Appeal will be assessed by APEI and a written reply will be sent back to the complainant within thirty calendar days.
  4. If the complainant is not satisfied with the complaint decision OR the appeal decision, upon request APEI will provide for review by an appropriate party, independent of the company.  This independent party will be chosen by APEI from the Mediation Register.  APEI will pay for the first hour of any such review, subject to the student first participating in this Complaints and Appeals process.  Any additional hours required for the review to be finalised (if any) must be paid by the student requesting the independent review, prior to the independent review being finalised.
  5. Once complaints and appeals are finalised, they are recorded and reviewed to determine if there is a need to change any procedures or practices of APEI.

Complaints and Appeals Policy: All complaints are afforded procedural fairness that is, being a fair opportunity to present their complaint.  Due to the complexity of some complaints and the available resources of APEI, some complaints and appeals may take up to sixty calendar days to investigate and respond to, however APEI will endeavour to complete this in a much sooner timeframe wherever possible.

There is no assurance that complaints will be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant though APEI will endeavour to resolve the complaint or appeal.

APEI reserves the right to determine at any stage of any complaint and/or appeal, that a complaint or appeal should be referred directly for review by an appropriate party, independent of APEI.  This independent party will be chosen by APEI from the Australian Mediation Register.
Complainants who engage in unreasonable behaviour in respect of making complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the APEI’s Student Code of Conduct.  The Academy will not tolerate any form of physical or verbal aggression or harassment and if the complainant engages in this type of aggression APEI may:

  • Prohibit the individual from contacting APEI, with immediate effect.
  • Refer the complaint directly for review by an appropriate party, independent of APEI.
  • Contact the police.
  • Seek legal redress for damages caused.

The lodgement of a complaint and/or appeal or the commencement of an independent review of the complaint does not stop APEI from starting or proceeding with any legal action against the complainant.

Should there be any complaints, the APEI will maintain the records of complaints to protect the rights and interests of all parties; explain and justify the actions of APEI and to document and explain the decision-making of APEI. The record will include information about the complaint, including: what occurred; when it occurred; how it occurred; the parties involved; and the outcome. These records may be released to third parties including any independent review party,  APEI legal and professional advisors and any statutory authority.
APEI may find that a complaint and/or appeal is frivolous, malicious or vexatious in any of the following instances where complaints:

  • are without merit (for example where a complainant is unwilling to accept documented evidence as being factual or deny receipt of an adequate response in spite of correspondence specifically answering their questions)
  • contain dishonest or misleading information
  • focus on a trivial or minor matter to an extent which is out of proportion to its significance
  • Have in the course of addressing a complaint had an excessive number of contacts with APEI placing unreasonable demands on APEI’s resources. (A contact may be in person or by telephone, letter, or email)
  • Display unreasonable demands or expectations and fail to accept that these may be unreasonable
  • Request unrealistic outcomes to unjustified complaints
  • Unreasonably refuse APEI’s proposed resolution to a complaint
  • Expect unrealistic outcomes to unjustified complaints
  • Refuse to accept the outcome of the complaint process after its conclusion and/or denying that an adequate response has been given
  • Lodge an appeal when the substance of the complaint has already been considered by the APEI and satisfactory measures have been taken to resolve the matter


APEI training programs have specific attendance pre-requisite requirements. These requirements are directly task or safety related and applies to all intended students. The pre-requisites are not intended to be discriminatory in any way.
All potential students are to take a minimum of 25 private Pilates sessions at the host studio before commencing the course. It will be at the discretion of the APEI Teacher Trainer at the Host studio if more or less sessions are required before commencing.

NB: This course does not contain limitations on access and equity, however it reserves the right to refuse an application if there is reasonable evidence to suggest that the applicant is physically incapable of carrying out the necessary requirements of Pilates training practice.

The APEI course include activities involving close physical contact between students (including training personnel). The physical contact in these activities varies in amount from activity to activity but is purely intended as a means of providing learning experiences or assessing abilities in specific situations. These situations are based on practical application of skills and techniques associated with the core subject being covered.

APEI acknowledges the skills and knowledge of students as a result of their previous training. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL is available to all students enrolling in a course with APEI. There is no discounted fee for the RPL process. Students have four (4) weeks from the date of their enrolment letter to submit their evidence to support their claim for RPL.

All assessment methods/procedures adhere to these principles:
Validity – Assessments need to assess what they are designed to assess.
Reliability – results of assessment need to be consistent from on assessment to another and between facilitators.

Flexibility – assessment methods and strategies must be able to be reasonably adjusted to suit specific learner needs, resource requirements, environmental conditions etc. without compromising the principle of validity.
Fairness – assessment methods need to be equitable amongst candidates and not discriminate or favour particular persons or groups. Assessments should not require more than the competency standard requires.

Appealing Assessment Results:  Sometimes a student may not agree with the result of an assessment.  At these times students have the option to appeal the Assessment Result. If a student wishes to appeal a result, please see the Complaints and Appeals Policy above.

Once you have finished your studies with us, we highly recommend that you join a professional association as soon as possible and prior to working within the industry.
In many cases many it will be a condition of employment that you obtain and maintain your registration/membership/insurance.

It is a student obligation to their clients once becoming a certified APEI instructor, to continue their continuing Education via workshops organised by APEI. At lest one annual training event.

All course materials printed and issued by APEI is covered by copyright. You may not copy any materials or distribute them to a third party.

Misconduct of a student is any behaviour which:

  • Disrupts the learning of others
  • Endangers the health and safety of staff and/or students
  • Endangers the health and safety of yourself
  • Interferes with the conduct of Academy of Fitness operations
  • Prevents Academy staff from performing their duties
  • Causes distress to staff and/or students

Examples of misconduct are:

  • Defacing training equipment
  • Damaging Academy property
  • Stealing Academy property
  • Refusing to follow the written or spoken directions of staff
  • Verbally or physically abusing a student or staff member
  • Sending abusive or threatening correspondence
  • Posting negative or rude comments on an online student group
  • Intimidating or harassing a student or staff member
  • Carrying a weapon
  • Attending any sessions or training under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Lodging frivolous, malicious or vexatious complaints

Misconduct by students will lead to them being asked to leave the premises immediately and/or removed from online student groups and/or enrolled course without further notice. Students will be required to address their misconduct in writing within ten (10) business days of the misconduct occurring.  Failure to address misconduct will result in the student’s enrolment being cancelled without further notice.  Any serious misconduct will result in cancellation of enrolment without further notice and be reported to the police and/or the appropriate authority.

Discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfavourably because of personal characteristics.

Discrimination may include:

  • Offensive jokes or comments about another worker’s racial or ethnic background, gender or sexual preference, age, disability or physical appearance
  • Post FB pictures or posters which are offensive or derogatory
  • Judging someone on political or religious beliefs rather than on work performance
  • Undermining a person’s authority or work performance due to dislikes of one or more personal characteristics

APEI strives to ensure any person is not discriminated against or excluded from participation on the grounds of any of the following:

  • Gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Linguistic Background
  • Marital Status
  • Socio-Economic Background
  • Impairment
  • Age
  • Parental Status
  • Political Belief
  • Or an association with any of the above listed points.

However, in some cases learners may be excluded from certain activities due to health and safety reasons. In these cases, the learner will be directed to a suitable medical practitioner or other professional services to obtain a clearance to participate in the activity. All associated costs for the medical consultation will be the responsibility of the student.