Course dates are subject to change so before enrolling in the Authentic Pilates Education International teacher training course, please contact the relevant studio for an appointment for an interview. You will then be advised s to the your are elegise to commence the APEI Teacher Training Course in your area.
For Australia wide Tel: 61+ (02) 98187611
For NZ Tel: (021) 552843
For Korea Tel: 051-294-0112


*Application Checklist*


  • Prior to commencing the course is 75 hours of Pilates training in the Authentic (Classical) Method (unless otherwise approved).
  • Completed Enrolment Agreement (Also required for Bridge Program)
  • 1 professional, 1 personal reference letter (Also required for Bridge Program)
  • Deposit made payable by bank transfer.
  • Brief resume detailing educational experience & work experience, including references from employers and/or industry colleagues in verification of your experience

You are required to provide a declaration as to any pre-existing conditions, prior injury, or limitations, which may potentially impact your participation in the APEI teacher training program. You must detail any hospitalisations or surgeries you have had in the last 5 years, together with dates. Please also attach a physicians’ note if there are ‘warnings,’ associated with your medications, and/or there are any potential physical/mental/pre-existing conditions which could impact or limit participation in the Program.

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