Authentic Pilates Education Teacher Training Program focuses on the traditional classical method of Pilates and is dedicated to Pilates training that honours the integrity of the original method developed by Joseph Pilates.
The training programs are taught by highly qualified Teacher Trainers in the industry.

The three system seminars (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) will be delivered face to face within a period of 8 months allowing the students to complete the full course within 12 to 14 months.

Classical Pilates trained instructors are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. We will help you reach your full potential providing you with a thorough teaching training program.

The Teacher Training Manuals are comprehensive manuals that will guide you through the classical Pilates method from beginners through to Advanced levels on all equipment and small apparatus including modifications and extra repertoire.

There are two programs available:
Teacher Training Certification and a Bridging Course for people certified through other reputable Pilates organizations who desire certification in Authentic Pilates Education International.